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I’ve become a Soccer Mom

Its official…I’m a soccer mom. The days of running around and shuttling my kids to practices, games, lessons and meetings has begun. Being a soccer mom also means I’ve been promoted to chauffeur, bag lady, hydration specialist, drive thru regular and #1 fan. As any parent who has or had younger children knows, I’m only at the beginning. I know once we add in a fall sport another one follows in the spring (probably T-ball) and then he’s adding swim lessons, CCD, music lessons and any clubs he decides to join. Then to top it off we add Monster into the rotation of events in a couple years. I can see the huge family calendar of events on the fridge already.

bag lady
I’ve become a bag lady and yes, they all serve a purpose


I love that Little Guy wants to get involved in activities though and I’m willing to spend the gas money shuttling him and his brother around because it teaches him teamwork, sportsmanship, having a positive attitude, coping with losing, falling down and getting back up, and most importantly…it wears him out!

I swear he’s like the energizer bunny these days. He keeps going and going and going. He never stops. He’s four so I know he’s got a lot of energy but he’s always moving. Does he sit down and color ever? Nope. Does he practice his writing or cutting? Nope. Does his sit and read books? Nope. He never sits down. He’s on the go at all times. And then Monster is tagging along behind him trying to do everything he’s doing. It’s exhausting just watching the two of them! I love getting outside and going for walks or the park, playing soccer or pitching him balls in the backyard. But there are times I want to sit in the backyard and enjoy an adult beverage while they play by themselves peacefully. That may have been a pipe dream I had while wearing a yellow dress at a wedding though…

He keeps going and going and going and going and going and going…


Anyway, I was getting very nervous a few months ago when we were getting to the point of him only napping 50% of the time. When he didn’t nap he still went to his room to “rest” quietly but after an hour or so we’d let him come downstairs. I was considering taking away his nap (I must have not been thinking clearly) since he wasn’t napping much anymore.

Enter soccer and BOOM! 3-hour nap later and we are back in business!

connor soccer
My little soccer star!


Practices are once a week and games are on Saturday Mornings. After the game we walk over to play at park or splash in the splash pad and by the time we get home and eat lunch he is walking upstairs by himself and climbing into bed. Its glorious! He gets to get his energy out and play with kids his own age and ability.

reed splash park
Reed’s manning the button at the splash park.


So I’m ok with being a “soccer mom” or any activity mom for that matter. It keeps my kids having fun and meeting other kids. It also keeps me sane when I get that 2-hour window of peace on Saturday and Sunday.

reed back yard nose
Reed was supposed to be picking weeds in the garden…At least I got to enjoy my drink 🙂
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Holy Plumbing Problem Batman

Little guy has been part of the fully potty trained club for about a year now. I gotta tell you, it’s pretty freakin fantastic. We don’t even have to ask him if he has to go anymore. He just stops what he’s doing and does his thing. He’s gotten so good we don’t even have to wipe his ass anymore.

wipe ass
enough said


With this, the hubby and I have become fairly confident and have slacked in our monitoring of him. No longer do I have to check on him or repeatedly ask him if he has to go to the bathroom. We had pretty good confidence in him until the events of last Sunday.

It was a fairly normal Sunday evening. Hubby and I were hanging around with the kids and it was actually pretty relaxing, until Connor informed he was going to use the bathroom. “Alright, let me know if you need anything” I replied and continued to sit and drink my glass of wine.

About 2 minutes later, I hear a flush and then another one. I’m thinking it must have been a good one if he had to double flush then he comes out of the bathroom with no underwear or pants on. Here is the conversation we had:

LG: “Mommy, where are my Batman undies”

ME: “Seriously? They are probably in the bathroom silly”

LG: (Goes and checks the bathroom) “They are not in here”

Me: What do you mean? How could they have just disappeared?”

LG: “I don’t know; I can’t find them”

I begrudgingly got up and went to the bathroom to find his underwear which I was sure was behind the door or lying in the middle of the floor since he has a habit or asking where things are at when they are staring right at him. When I get in there, Little guy was actually telling the truth, they were nowhere to be found.

Me: “Where did you put them? They couldn’t have gone far, you went straight into the bathroom and them right out.”

LG: (just shrugs)

After looking in the hall, behind the door and under the sink I notice a liquid on the floor around the toilet.

ME: “did you pee and miss the toilet again and try to use your undies to wipe it up and hide them?”

LG: “No” (starting the look pretty guilty)

And then I did what any women who knows zilch about plumbing would do…flushed the toilet a few more times to see if it was leaking or if it really was pee. When no additional leaks were seen I remained puzzled but then then the pieces came together for me: 1. Underwear lost 2. Water around the floor of the toilet…

Me: “Did you flush your undies down the toilet?”

LG: “I don’t know” (starting to cry)

Hubby: “Seriously?!?! This is bad” (as he comes rushing in the bathroom)

And that’s when the Sh*t hit the fan. (pun intended) The next 5 minutes are chaos. Little guy is balling at this point at the loss of his beloved Batman underwear and fearful at the consequences of the situation. Monster is trying to sneak a peek into the tiny powder room to get a look at the scene of the crime and Hubby is freaking out. He’s already starting to google plumber’s on his phone and getting his tools ready to dive in. He’s usually the calm and rational one but somehow I was the one who remained calm and collected.

To help ease the tension I volunteered to take the boys to Menards and get some supplies to find the undies and also give my hubby time to chill out. So off we went, Little Guy still a blubbery mess and very concerned about his Batman undies and Reed enjoying a trip to the store at 6:30 pm on a Sunday. Imagine the look on the 20-year-old Menards guy face when I asked what I needed to get out a pair of kid’s underwear from our toilet/plumbing. Luckily he got over his shock pretty quick and sold me a few items to help us out. $100 dollars in supplies later we got home to find the toilet was off and Hubby was all ready to go fishing.

toliet snap
My snap story was on point


After snaking the drain 50 feet and coming up empty twice, we concluded the underwear were long gone and now property of the sanitary district. With no blockage of the pipes, we reinstalled the toilet and hoped for the best. After a few tester flushes with no back-up we rejoiced! To be safe we called a plumber and he assured us that if we were having no problems with back-up then they were flushed all the way through and we were in the clear. Success!

Afterwards we had a long talk to Little Guy about how you do not put anything in the toilet or if something accidently falls into the toilet (which is our best guess as to what happened and he got scared and didn’t want to reach in the retrieve them) you come let an adult know right away.

In the end, everything turned out ok and we had a nice “teachable” moment with our kids but I learned a lesson as well…I always have to stay on my toes and never get complacent.  The Sunday evening that started so calm and blissful ended up commotion and chaos, but that’s life with kids…right?

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Workouts are my “ME” time

Let’s face it, as moms, we don’t get much (if any) me time. We are on the go from the second we wake up to the second our heads hit the pillow. Being a mom, wife, daughter, sister, and friend is exhausting. We can’t take a shower without someone needing some snacks as soon as the shampoo hits our hair.  Sometimes going to work or sending the kids to school is the only time life makes sense. For me, working out is more for my mental health (sanity) than my physical health. The benefits on my body from working out is just a bonus. Carving out 15-30 minutes of “me time” makes me a better mom and wife. I have more patience with my kids and I just have a more positive attitude all around.

If you’re ready to carve out 15-30 minutes of me time, then let’s make it count. Since moms work best with lists, here are 5 things to remember:

  1. Set workout goals.  Run from one tree to the next or sprint for three driveways. Maybe your goal is to do 5 push-ups or 1 pull-up. Practice and make it happen!

push up

  1. Push yourself. You’ve only got 15-30 minutes. Make every minute count! Don’t just walk at a regular pace, jog for a few driveways or set your bike to interval training. There’s no better feeling than being out of breath and sweaty. You’re a role model after all–show ‘em how tough you are!
  2. Accountability: Find a workout partner or friend who you can check in with. Everything is easier with a workout buddy. Don’t have one nearby? Ask a friend to do the same workouts as you and check in nightly with them. Not only will you get into better shape, but you’ll forge a tighter bond with your bestie.
Liz and John
husbands make the best workout partner!


  1. Working out equals hungry (or as I like to call it, hangry). Don’t use working out as an excuse to eat whatever you want. Use it to motivate you to eat better.


  1. Make time! Can’t find time? Set your alarm! You’ll feel better all day long. I promise.


  1. M.O.M.: We are moms: Masters Of Multitasking. Kill two birds with one stone: Listen to a podcast, watch your favorite show or listen to YOUR music (not the KidzBop station on Pandora, unless you’re into that kind of thing).

workout Liz



Here’s a few workouts you can do at home:

Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes:

5 push-ups
10 Squats
15 sit-ups


8 rounds of any body weight movement
Choose 3 or 4 movements
:20 seconds work
:10 seconds rest

For example:
Jumping jacks

Interval workout:

Warm-up for 5 minutes (Brisk walk, light jog, etc)

Run for 1 minute
Walk for 1 minute
Repeat intervals for 15 minutes. Push yourself on the run part!

Substitute biking, elliptical, etc for the run.

If one minute is too long, do what you can handle. :30 seconds on with 1-minute rest. :45 seconds on with 1-minute rest.

When it starts becoming easier, increase your run time!

Pinterest is also your best friend when it comes to workout ideas.

Remember, we are super mom’s. But in order to stay super, we need to take a little time for our own minds and bodies. And please remember that other moms need some positivity in their lives.  Be kind and let that other mom at the mall know that she’s doing a great job.  Love and positivity are contagious.  Spread it!

Until the next hot minute,

Lizkarales fam


Yes Way Vacay!



I L-O-V-E vacation and this year was no exception. Arizona was beautiful, hot (record setting temps at 120 degrees), fun, relaxing, full of adventure and did I mention hot?



We all had a blast, especially the boys. Hubby got to golf, I got to swim and tan and the boys got to go to the train park, splash park, mini golf, urban jungle gym, get shaved ice at Bahama bucks, eat at In&Out burger (my favorite!), go to brunch, go back to the train park and consume copious amounts of pop pops (pop ice).

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Although there is so much fun to be had, there are some downfalls of vacation that are often looked over because of the awesome time you are having with kids. Nether less, they still stress me out like no other.

First off the travel- need I say more? Honestly who wants to put 2 kids under the age of 5 on a big metal box in 39,000 feet in the air and tell them to sit still and be quiet for the next 3+ hours. I’ll give you one guess—not me! All rules go out the window on an airplane and you go into survival mode with kids. I don’t care who judges me because we become “yes” parents:

Can I have a sucker—yes
Can I play on your phone/iPad—yes
Can I eat this entire bag of skittles—yes

As long as it will keep you somewhat quit, calm and entertained, then yes to it all! Little Guy does ok where he can at least watch a movie for a while or play on the iPad. Monster is a monster and at 20 months, he’s impossible, so if you sit around us you better know that you will hear crying, whining and let’s be honest, when my kids starts kicking your seat in front of you it’s really your fault for sitting there. #sorrynotsorry

Then to go along with the travel you have now most likely changed time zones. In our case we had a 2-hour difference. Do they go to sleep at their normal time? No, its vacay they stay up a bit but do they sleep in? Hell no. Guess who was up at 5:00 in the morning on days 1-6 of vacation…This girl. Yup they don’t sleep in. I honestly wouldn’t mind getting up super early if there was stuff to do but its 5 in the freaking morning! After getting them ready for the day I look at the clock and realize its only 6:30! Nothing opens till 9am. I still have 2.5 hours so I guess we will go swimming at 7:00 in the morning. Then get ready again to go out at 9 on our adventure for the day. At least there was coffee—Thank God! #keepitcomming


We were so lucky to stay at a house and have babysitting available (thank you grandparents!) but we still had to all share a bathroom. I know you are thinking. Come on, boys are low maintenance in the bathroom. It couldn’t have been that bad. Well I’m telling you it was. Boys of all ages are gross. I have to share with one boy on the regular so add 2 more in there and it’s a game changer. I already have no privacy when I use the bathroom so when Little Guy and Monster follow me in one day cuz they just want to be by mom you are thinking How cute right? Wrong! The minute I get in the shower they proceed to open the door and leave me hanging as I’m shouting for Little Guy to close the door and Reed giggles like a maniac. Then Little Guy has the audacity to come back look me straight in the eye and say “then you should of locked the door”. And slams the door shut. #straightsass #accompliceintraining

Overall vacation was amazing. We had fun, had some family time, got to a do a couple of parent’s day/night outs and the fun times outweighed the cons but now I know why some people need a vacation from the vacation.

And I got my mimosa!



Sweet Summertime


Summer-A time for splash pads, sunscreen, tank tops, sunglasses, ice pops, flip flops, snacks all day, long naps, and fun. I LOVE the summer. Life is better in flip flops and rose all day are my mottos for 2017.

It’s not just the warm weather that I love about summer, but I think it’s the atmosphere of the season. The long days where its light out till 9pm, the lightning bugs that light up the yard, the laughter of kids outside, the sounds of the sprinkler, the activity around the neighborhood and even that damn ice cream truck song that you can hear from a mile away that circles the area. Summer is magical and it’s an even more magical time for kids. They aren’t stuck inside and the excursions you can go on are endless. Here are my top 5 favorite excursions to take the boys:

The Brookfield Zoo- I have had the awesome luck of my neighbor having a zoo pass and she likes me well enough to invite us every year for a zoo trip. It’s a long and hard day but it’s so much fun. The boys get to see all the animals, ride the carousel, cool off in the splash pad and just explore. We bring a lunch and our stroller or wagon and we just stroll throughout the park till their eyelids get tired and my arm wants to fall off from dragging them all over. Of course the zoo is open every day of the year practically, but the summer is the best because all the animals are out and you see a ton.

2016 summer excursion to the zoo


Mini-golf- Little Guy discovered mini golf 2 summers ago and he’s hooked. I’m hoping monster takes it up as well this summer as it will make a perfect afternoon activity. There are a few courses in the area to choose from and it’s pretty inexpensive. 18 -36 holes of mini golf are an awesome way to spend an afternoon with kids and the joy on their face when one of them gets a hole in one is priceless.

Mini golf
Dad giving Little guy some pointers #gottawearshadestogolf


Splash park- We are lucky to have an awesome FREE splash park right by our house. There is also a park and athletic fields in the same complex so it’s a one stop shop for a morning or afternoon excursion. The boys love it because they can get drenched, dry off on the swings, go down the slide, run around on the fields and repeat. Splash parks offer so much fun and enjoyment for my kids and I can also relax (at least a little bit) and work on my tan

splask park 2
Cooling off in the splash pad


swing at park
drying off on the swings


Festivals- all the towns in our area have a summer festival of some sort with bands, food, bounce houses, kid rides, craft fair and fireworks! It’s so easy to take the kids there and enjoy the day walking around and letting them have fun on the rides and in the bounce houses. I love looking though the craft fair and getting Pinterest worthy projects that I will never complete and should probably just spend the money on at the fair but continually tell myself “oh I can make that easily!” — honestly I’m just lying to myself. The kids love the lemonade shake ups and sno cones as we walk all around with the smell of elephant ears in our noses.

Neighborhood walks- many might not think this is an “excursion” but to my boys it’s the best. If we are hanging out at home and I say ‘who wants to go on a walk?” I get two kids running to the door before I can blink. They get so excited. I grab snacks and water, Monster runs to the wagon and Little Guy grabs his bike and we are off. We explore the entire neighborhood, taking a different route each time. We walk around the pond to see the ducks, stop at the park bench for goldfish and a sip of water, watch the golfers putt on the green, and wave to all who pass us by. Little Guy knows every crack in the sidewalk and Monster knows every house with a dog.

Reed wagonConnor bike

Pond bench
snack break on the bench to watch ( and feed) the ducks


Summer is also the best time to try out things you have wanted to do and haven’t got around to it yet. This summer here are the things I want to do with the boys:

  1. Starved Rock- Located just west of Ottawa in Oglesby, IL. I haven’t been here since I was a kid but I see pictures of people’s excursions and they are beautiful. I want to go here with the boys and just explore, throw rocks into the steam and get lost in nature. I’ll be sure to pack the bug spray and sunscreen but I think this would be a great place for a day adventure.
  2. The beach- I love the sand at the beach. Something about the sand between my toes (and in every other crevice on my body) brings back memories of going to the Indiana Dunes. We used to go with my neighbors all the time in the summer and the day was always so much fun. Jumping into the freezing cold lake Michigan water, attempting to build sand castles and playing in the waves. I loved it all. A trip to the Indiana Dunes would take DEDICATION with my kids at their current ages but there are plenty of other smaller lakes and beaches I’m sure I could find to take the boys to this summer. Hit me up with some suggestions!
  3. Boating – I don’t know anyone who has a boat but I think it would be pretty cool to take the boys. A day on the lake speeding along on a boat is a great summertime activity. I haven’t been since I was a kid but I always remember having a blast! And to top it off we could bring some fishing gear and maybe catch a fish. A perfect way to spend the afternoon.


Finally, the words summer and vacation go hand in hand. Our go-to vacation spot is Phoenix because it’s got great golf, endless swimming, craft beer and its HOT! There is a train park in Scottsdale that is a fan favorite with the boys and we spend countless hours there riding the rain, carousal, going in the museum to look at the mini trains (and to cool off) and then playing on the playground. The park is great for kids and all train lovers. Maybe one day we will save up enough money for the elusive Disney trip or as they get older we can take more weekend getaway trips but for now it’s the desert of AZ for us.

family goofy


With all there is to do this summer I anticipate this will be the best summer yet!

Little Guy

All Things Thomas



They’re 2 They’re 4 they’re 6 they’re 8….

If you know that catchy little tune, then you know I’m talking about the cheeky engine that is Thomas the Train. Little Guy is in love with all things Thomas. He’s all in. He knows the songs, all the engines, plays trains constantly and has plenty of Thomas “swag”. Come to think of it, I can’t even recall how he first was introduced to Thomas. It happed so gradually and then I woke on day and realized we are a Thomas the Train family.

thomas coffee
I can play trains like a pro…but first, coffee


After my realization that he was all in, I finally started to pay a little attention to Thomas and realized I knew nothing. I could name Thomas and Percy. That’s it. Who the heck were all these other trains and how many were there? They seemed to be never ending and he wanted them all. To make matters worse I could not tell apart the trains …all the blue trains looked the same to me but little guy could tell each and every one apart. Well bust my buffers, it was time for me to start my education on all things Thomas. I started paying attention to the episodes, learned who all the trains were (or tried my best), studied up on my train lingo and catchphrases (fizzling fireboxes!) figured out the locations, (steam works, station, sheds, castle); learned the main players and all the non-trains (like Bertie, Kevin, Cranky etc.) and I even followed Thomas on Facebook. I was all in now too.


Blue trains
Can you tell these guys apart? I couldn’t! 



We had a few Thomas trains I had picked up second hand for Little Guy that he played with but when we looked into getting a few more for him I was appalled at the actual retail price of a train. This stuff is no joke. $25 for a train? Seriously? Ugh the indignity! So we collected a little at a time, asked for them as gifts and kept our eyes peeled for a good deal online or at a garage sale. Hubby found a steal of a deal on train table and accessories on bookoo and that gave us a good boost with some other regular wooden trains to play with while we slowly grew our collection of Thomas stuff. He quickly outgrew the train table though and was relocated to the basement floor to accommodate all his tracks.

We came to the point where he wanted the buildings and more “accessories” to add to our his collection, aka Tidmouth sheds and Vicarstown station. Here comes the big expense; $80-100 for Tidmouth sheds. Yes—$100. I’m not kidding. Google it right now. That’s the day I realized that you have to really dedicate yourself to Thomas. At this point though little guy and I were already vested so we needed the pieces!

Yes, there are plenty of other “wooden train sets” out there that are great (Melissa and Doug, Kidcraft, Brio) so we started to think that maybe we could slip a few bigger pieces to him that way but then an offer was served to us on a silver platter back in November in the form of 50% off all Thomas wooden railway at Toys R Us. I did a little jump for joy. Yes—we could finally get a bigger item, on sale—woo hoo! Then hubby shocked he hell outta me and told me we better “stock up”. I almost had a heart attack and started getting giddy (see sidenote)


(Sidenote: Hubby is what you would call frugal. Only buy things that are necessary and all major purchases must be heavily researched. A pro con list must be supplied and a request must be submitted in writing within 10 days stating all the details for him to review before said purchase can be made. Just kidding on the last part but seriously, it’s a process to buy something.)

So onto Toys r us website he went and just started to add things to the cart like we were on a supermarket sweep. $200 later (at the half off price) we submitted our order and felt pretty good about ourselves. We had gifts for birthday’s and holiday’s for the entire year.

supermarket spress


A week later our shipment arrived and I found myself giddy. It wasn’t even for me but I was so excited to play with new stuff so I tore open the box after little guy went to sleep. This was so exciting! As I was thinking of all the possibilities of design and when to give him each item and of all the hours we would spend playing trains, I looked in the box and disappointment slowly set in. Out of the 15 (don’t judge) items we ordered only 5 items were correct and out of the 5 correct items, 2 were damaged. The rest was random Thomas stuff we didn’t order, still cool stuff, but not the stuff we he really wanted. UGH! I was so distraught that I decided to call toys r us right them and there at 9pm at night. This had to be fixed! After spending an hour on the phone going through each and every item one by one on what we received verses what we ordered it was all straightened out and my disappoint at the order turned into utter glee when the operator told me we would be shipped the missing items and I only had to send one damaged item back and we got to keep the rest. Keep the rest? Seriously!!! That was $100 worth of Thomas stuff we just got to keep? You aren’t secretly charging my credit card are you? I’m not on hidden camera am I? I must have asked her 3 times what I needed to do with the incorrect items and she repeated 3 times, you can keep them or throw them away. Well, I’m not throwing this stuff away. Its wooden gold! Jackpot! Now Little Guy and Monster are set for a while with gifts and I can sit back, relax and resume my role of Sir Topham Mama on the railway and be a really useful mom. Whoo Whoo!

sir topem hatt


Meet the Monster




that face
That Face!

My monster is 18 months today! I can’t believe that he’s halfway to two already. I still remember him as a snuggly baby who never wanted to be put down and now he’s an independent toddler who is constantly on the go and growing into a little boy. As much as I want him to grow and learn I want time to freeze so I can catch my breath and enjoy him as a little one for just a little longer. As a was reminiscing it got me thinking about how he got his nickname so today I decided to reflect on how he came to be known as the Monster.

He got the nickname pretty early on, like day 3, when he just would eat and eat and eat and even when I thought he couldn’t possibly eat any more, five minutes later he wanted more. He was almost a permanent attachment so I started calling him a monster and the name just stuck. It’s a pretty fitting nickname though because he definitely lives up to it and here are the ways:

He’s Destructive- as in, he destroys things constantly. And by things, I mean ALL of the things. He’s the sole reason we can’t buy new stuff because he will destroy it. Where Little Guy would play with his toys for the most part and take care of them and was almost delicate, monster destroys them! He throws then, chews then, steps on them, loses them and downright just abuses them. It’s one step below Sid from Toy Story. Ok well maybe not that bad, but you get the picture. I also am a little bit of a freak about toys being put away and all the pieces accounted for but to be honest, I don’t even know where he puts some of these toys. The Little People farm lost its chicken for about 2 months and one day as he’s playing kitchen he comes over to give me some “food” and low and behold, there is the chicken in the frying pan. Where the heck was he storing that thing for the past 2 months?! I seriously looked everywhere for it. There are still plenty of missing parts though and I’m a little nervous they won’t be found because he knows how to open the garbage can and also I’ve seen him put food down the air vents so…

He’s a Bottomless pit- He eats everything in sight. I call him a garbage disposal because Little Guy eats like a bird and when he doesn’t finish his food, I offer it up to monster. He scarfs it down in addition to all the food I gave him. On the plus side at least I don’t have to feel bad about wasting food anymore.

He’s not much of a talker, yet he like to point and grunt to the fringe and pantry quite a bit. I’m left to try and decipher what he wants from said point and grunt and I encourage him to “use his words”. He has started to do much better but out of the 15 or so words he knows, at least 14, if not all, pertain to food or how to get him more of it: More, applesauce, cracker, milk, snack, (gold)fish, please (at least he’s polite about it).

more food
He’s always eating! Food, food and more food

He’s messy- I know I know, all kids are messy and I understand that no kid eats and keeps his area clean, but Monster has invented a new way to destroy my kitchen table and floor surrounding his seat. He chucks food across the table, smashes it, bangs his milk cup on the table which send milk droplets everywhere and I purposely think he drops food on the floor so he can eat it at a later time. I have to put an old t shirt on him when he eats to try and protect his clothes because bibs won’t cut it anymore. I try my best to clean up the mess right away but let be honest, that doesn’t always happen so I end up with caked on food on the floor and food engrained into my table.

Clothes don’t fit- this makes sense because of all the food he eats but he’s growing like a weed. Where Little Guy would wear size 18 months until he was 2, Monster has already started wearing his 24 month clothes and I’m getting the 2T clothes on standby for the summer! His belly is just too big. I anticipate the day when both kids are wearing the same size clothes will be July 2020.

He’s Aggressive- He’s a bruiser! When he gets upset with you he goes straight to slapping people right across the face. I’d be really pissed if it wasn’t so comical. I mean just imagine an 18 month old slapping you across the face! Where did he even learn that from?!?! He can also hold his own when wrestling with his brother and I’m waiting for the one day when he just unloads on his brother because he will be bigger than him. He’s also the one I get a phone call from daycare about because he bit someone. I was very concerned about this until I learned he bit the kid because the other kid had food in his hand. Of course.

He’s Cuddly: How does the name Monster correspond with cuddly? Well because he’s a cuddly monster! He will be aggressive and destructive and then just come up and give you hugs and kisses or when I’m hanging out on the floor playing with the boys he will randomly just grab a book and back it up until he plops into my lap and gives me the look that says “mommy, time to read to me”. The best part is he will sit there until the book is finished and then stay and snuggle sometimes.

chillin like a boss

So as you see, the monster name fits him to a “T” and I love that he’s got a little spunk. It’s all those little moments I am going to miss the most as he gets older but I also can’t wait to see the personality morph as he grows.